Use salvage! They just don’t make flooring products like they used to.

Tobey Parsons, Owner of McGee Salvage

Nike Atlanta Georgia 2 e1468011863191 Why Salvaged?

Why usedĀ salvaged instead of new?

Whether you are trying to match existing flooring in your home during a remodel, or just want flooring that doesn’t come from a box, salvaged material is the way to go.

There are many benefits to using salvaged material versus using what is available in today’s new flooring market. New hardwood flooring is shipped on pallets, and so the length of each piece of flooring is much shorter than salvaged material, which was moved by hand. Not only are the lengths much longer in older material, but salvaged flooring is full of character that newer hardwood flooring lacks. A typical bundle of McGee’s salvaged Eastern Hardrock Maple gymnasium flooring has birds-eye or fiddle-back markings in roughly 1 out of every 5 pieces. These character-filled pieces are usually separated out of new material and then sold for twice the price.