Reclaiming Old Timber for Modern-day Floors

Northwest Renovation Magazine - Tobey Parsons, owner of McGee Salvage, purveyors of quality reclaimed hardwood floors, based in Portland, OR, has been in the business of selling reclaimed wood flooring since 1985. He salvages material from all kinds of deconstruction sites and sources, from gymnasiums to churches, and turns it into re-usable flooring for people who want to do [...]

Reclaimed Flooring

Northwest Renovation Magazine - Ever wonder what happened to that old school gymnasium floor you played basketball, volleyball or kickball on as a kid? Most people think it ended up in the landfill when the school was remodeled or demolished. New hardwood floors hold little comparison to older, sturdier salvaged material. Take, for example, a typical gymnasium [...]

McGee Salvage Reclaims Hardwood Flooring

Northwest Renovation Magazine - Can a person have a passion for hardwood flooring? Yes, and Tobey Parsons, owner of McGee Salvage located on the south edge of Scappoose, has it bad. Parsons’ main gig is reclaiming high-quality wood flooring from gyms, dance floors, old warehouses, buildings, and homes. “I get calls from schools all around the West [...]

Company turns something old into something new

DJC Oregon - Tobey Parsons’ secret to success is simple: He’s always ready to take on new work, and he keeps his word. A willingness to move quickly makes good business sense when your line of work is reclaiming wood from demolition and remodeling sites. “It’s all about doing a really good job and doing it when [...]