NW Renovation McGee Salvage Reclaims Hardwood Flooring

Northwest Renovation Magazine – Can a person have a passion for hardwood flooring? Yes, and Tobey Parsons, owner of McGee Salvage located on the south edge of Scappoose, has it bad. Parsons’ main gig is reclaiming high-quality wood flooring from gyms, dance floors, old warehouses, buildings, and homes. “I get calls from schools all around the West to tear-out their old floor. Hardrock maple gym flooring has a lot of life still left in it and provides a great hard surface for homes. Just a few months ago we removed old growth clear vertical-grain 3 1/4” fir flooring from the top floor of the Galleria Downtown. You can’t find quality like that any more,” says Parsons.

Tobey Parsons of McGee Salvage standing by one of his stacks of Maple reclaimed gym flooring. Parsons specializes in out-of-production antique hardwood flooring, so if your looking to match your flooring there’s a good chance he will have it. (You’ll need to call to get directions to his warehouse where he also raises chickens and has plenty of room for his three boarder collies to run free.)

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